The internet is freaking out over what many are calling the scariest viral clip of 2020. The video itself is only 15 seconds long, but its content will stick with you much, much longer than that. The clip was uploaded a few months ago to TikTok, and it achieved internet fame after it was tweeted out by the journalist Ben Bell.

On Twitter, Ben Bell captioned the video “2020 in one clip.” After watching it, it’s easy to tell why. In the video, you can see two people, one man, and one woman. After the man walks into the room where the woman is sitting he turns the lights off. In the dark hallway, you can see the outline of a shadowy figure, just beyond perception. The woman points it out, so the man turns the light back on, but after the lights come on the figure has disappeared.

This happens a second time, and once again the creature is gone when the lights come on. The last time, however, after the man turns off the lights, the ghoulish figure comes rushing toward the camera. It’s not just the sudden movement that is freaking people out. The ghoul also emits a sound straight out of the hell that will send chills down your spine. After being posted to Twitter, the video has since collected millions of views. Some are even calling the video the scariest video on the web. If you don’t like being scared, then I highly suggest staying away from this video.