Imagine you are out in the alley and decide to check out this old chest of drawers. You pull out the drawers to see if it will fit your needs, and there he is, a small abandoned newborn fighting for his life. That’s exactly what happened to this Chicago woman.

A local Chicago resident found a baby in a dresser drawer waiting for the trash pickup in the alley. Luckily, it was early in the morning when she was out and about. She found the baby at about 8 am and immediately called the police. The police rushed to the call and found the baby in the dresser just as she had said. The baby’s mother had disappeared. The police took the baby to the hospital, where medical staff pronounced the baby to be in a healthy condition. However, the baby was not so healthy when the good samaritan found him. The woman told police that his mouth was covered in vomit. She had to clean him up and render first aid until the police came.

This baby was fortunate as the woman only came across him because she was interested in the drawers. She opened the chest of drawers to see if they would work for a project she had. She found the newborn with a rosary wrapped in a blanket. The neighbors were appalled that this could still happen in Chicago. It is devastating to hear that someone would put a baby in harm’s way like this.