Imagine a room with images of Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong and Antifa flags. Now imagine a heavily tattooed man standing in front of a class of teenagers while lecturing them on the importance of becoming a revolutionary. It’s an image that one might associate with brainwashing. But until recently it was actually the classroom of Gabriel Gipe. What’s more, it was located in Sacramento’s own Inderkum High School.

Gipe was recently filmed sharing details of his educational approach. Saying that most parents would be shocked is an understatement. The teacher boldly states that he’s trying to turn students into revolutionaries. He used a number of different approaches to goad students into actions that are in line with his political views. This included padding their grades with extra credit if they went to protests or events that he deemed noteworthy. Gipe has also used stamps with images of Stalin, Castro, and even Kim Jung Un to mark completed assignments in his classroom.

The interview with the teacher was first shown at a school board meeting. Since that point, the district has seen a number of angered reactions from parents. The school has defended the current principal by stating that she’s only been at the school for thirteen days. They maintain that this isn’t enough time to properly familiarize herself with over a hundred staff members. It’s clear that the school is taking this seriously. They’ve taken quick action to ensure parents that Gipe will be fired. In the meantime, all of the offending material has been removed from the classroom walls.