Gymnasts do amazing talents with their bodies. Their muscles and flexibility wow audiences each time they perform their amazing stunts. College athletes perform multiple events yearly. The women’s gymnastic team performs four different events. These events include uneven bars, the balance beam, floor exercise, and the vault. Each of these events has different expectations as to score a perfect 10 for their category. UCLA gymnast Gracie Kramer who is 21 stunned the audience and judges with her amazing dark performance in 2021.

Gracie worked started her floor exercise a little differently than most. Her performance started with dark and moody music making the judges why she had chosen a song like this for her turn. It wasn’t long into her routine that the music changed, switching Gracie into an exciting routine.

Gracie had waited full of nerves for the judges to tally up her score. She was absolutely stunned when they came back with their determination of a perfect 10. She felt like it was just a normal routine and that she had always felt her routines were a 10 before but the excitement had grown when she found out that everyone felt exactly the same way about her routine too. With her stunning routine and her perfect score, Gracie feels like this was a great accomplishment for her.