A lot of people have lost loved ones over the years but most do not think they will ever come back to life. Such is the case with Australian woman Melinda Blake. She woke up at around 3 in the morning & heard what she has thought was her husband of 30 years Alistair snoring but after she got back from the bathroom, it turned out to be so much more. It seems he had gone into cardiac arrest in the middle of the night & was now unresponsive & a light shade of blue.

The good news is she had been well trained in the process of CPR & this is why she began to put those lessons into action after calling 911. She knew it would take a while for the paramedics to arrive & this is why she tried to bring him back herself. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work & even the paramedics seemed unable to revive him. So they called it at around 4:30 but something soon caught their attention. As they were going to wrap him up, his pulse came back.

Naturally, this came as a shock to them as he had been unresponsive for more than an hour & a half but Melinda was overjoyed. He was rushed to the hospital where they were able to remove whatever was blocking his artery & give him a pacemaker. They are set to become grandparents so they’re glad he was able to pull through.