Modern society faces many problems like violence, drug abuse, and discrimination against minorities. While these problems hinder progress in society, they are not the main determinants that shape individuals. Surprisingly, the real problem is an inward factor in how people view themselves. Self-esteem is paramount since it shapes our attributes and determines how we view things. Many people seek the external cause of their problems by equating them to their relatives, life partners, friends, or colleagues. Nevertheless, they tend to forget that the real cause of their struggles is within themselves. Thus, they need to get control of their image to realize their dreams and advance their careers.

Isabella Buscemi, a 22-year-old Instagram Model, had esteem issues while she was growing up. She currently lives in Miami. Unlike many individuals, Isabella had to make some changes in her personal life to advance her career, excel in life, and increase business opportunities. Like most teenagers, she was uncomfortable with certain aspects of her appearance during her schooling days. She took a great step to make a change, rather than dwelling and complaining about her insecurities. As a result, she spent around eight thousand dollars on her appearance and positing online, which later made her a living. When she was starting, she disliked many features of her appearance. However, she decided to focus on the aspects that she liked. She concentrated on fitness. She later realized that there are physical aspects that fitness could not change. As a result, Isabella decided to focus in her outward looks. She went through three surgeries, including nose and breast augmentations and veneers. Isabella indicates that she went through nose augmentation due to formation of a large bump. Also, her teeth and breast were small and had to be augmented.

Apart from the highlighted surgeries, everything else she has is naturally acquired without any augmentation. Isabella indicates that her fiancé, Henry Castaneda, is her source of motivation and influence. She credits him for the positive influence and encouraging her to continue going to the gym and remain focused and disciplined. Isabella indicates that self-confidence is the best gift she has received. Due to a boost in self-esteem, she has received numerous business opportunities such as brand endorsements and trips. Moreover, she has strong mental and emotional health, which she credits to high self-esteem. She indicates that your confidence will be low without self-esteem, and chances of advancing your career will below. Inward confidence may be the hindrance to why you do not realize your dreams. Self-esteem helps us to be focused on our goals. For individuals with esteem issues, they need to work towards their inward confidence to live happily.

Like Isabella, if you are not comfortable with your body or appearance, make the necessary adjustment to boost confidence. You can also still advance your education, eat healthier foods, work out vigorously, or perform cosmetic surgery. Once your confidence and self-esteem are high, you can focus on achieving your dreams.