For some people, running is a career, and they enjoy doing it. For them, two factors that play a big role are the timing and distance. But for the majority of us, it is not the most favourite activity. A popular gambler in Florida came up with an interesting challenge. Dan Bilzerian said that if anyone could run a mile at 5 minutes or less, he would give him or her a $30 000 prize. And boy oh boy did it attract a lot of people. Those interested had to face the challenge of running on the treadmill and keeping up the speed for the entire distance. For those not in the know, the time requirements for the Marine Corps Physical Fitness is just a minute slower. This is something rarely attained by non-professional runners simply because of the speed. And yet despite this being out of the reach for many people, it did not stop them from giving it a shot.

One woman who showed up to give it a go at the challenge was one Miss Kinsey. She came clad in a bikini and was accompanied by her male friend who was looking for her shoes. Kinsey was shaken even though her friend tried to inspire her by telling her not to worry and just run. Well, his motivation seemed to work as she hopped on the treadmill, despite its speed being set at a really fast one. Sad to say, Kinsey could only manage a minute on the treadmill even with the cheering of her friend. The intensity of having to run at such a high speed was too much for her, and she could not keep going. Not surprisingly, her male friend made up his mind to step up to the challenge. He queried Bilzerian on the prize if he could complete the quest. He waited for his turn, and when he was finally given the opportunity, he stepped on the treadmill and gave it his best shot, running as fast as he could. Even though he started strong, the treadmill started slowing down, meaning he did not manage the time limit. Yet instead of giving up, he tried again.

Whether or not Kinsey’s friend won the challenge is not known, but his perseverance is admirable. For many people, this is a challenge that would make them give up instantly. And the humongous prize offering would make one think that the task is out of the question. By trying again and again, it demonstrates that with effort and commitment, even such a challenging thing can be done. Notably, the records set in major races and competitions are normally broken every year. Even the athletes themselves break their records all the time. At some point earlier on, some athletic times were regarded as impossible to achieve. Those times are now the standard times for elite runners nowadays. Kinsey may not have won the prize, but the male friend who accompanied him is a stellar demonstration of commitment and self-motivation. As much as he understood the magnitude of the task and how it was difficult to accomplish, he kept trying again and again. We, as the global population could use more of the character of the guy in terms of his dedication and motivation.