In the fashion and beauty industry companies depend heavily on influencers to help their products and brands reach more of their targeted audience. They are one of the most modern marketing too that companies use in recent times. Influencers have are very talented at showing displaying what is appealing about a product or service.

To be a successful Influencer you have to be able to intrigue a large number of followers and also keep their interest. So possible no one knows this better than the famous influencer Marzena Bielarz. Marzena Bielarz is a talented Influencer who is taking the world by storm and enjoying every minute of it. She is originally from Cracow, Poland but most of her followers are English-speaking women from countries like the United Kingdom. Miss Bielarz is definitely top in her field of work and it is evident in her number of followers. On Instagram, only she has an amazing 358,000 followers and the numbers keep growing almost every day. Marzena’s page mostly features products and experiences from the fashion, lifestyle, beauty, and travel industries and she is also known as a consistent blogger as well.

Besides the showcasing of different products, Miss Bielarz also loves to display her own sense of fashion which her fans consider to be very sophisticated.  Her photos often display her wearing outfits from many different fashion designs that depict her personal fashion taste. She also works closely with many cosmetics companies. One of them being Secret Avenue Gdansk. This is a technology-based brand that specializes in cosmetics, and Marzena Bielarz has been one of its main ambassadors. This partnership has really given a boost to her career as an influencer and has widened her fan base. Marzena is a huge advocate of skincare and facial beauty and one of her signature featured product are face masks. Many of her posts display the importance of good skincare to maintain a good and healthy look and the benefits of using face masks in one’s beauty regimen. Her followers can find many videos of her showing the technics and products that she uses in her own beauty regimen.

Although Marzena Bielarz is an excellent ambassador for beauty and fashion she is also a great advocate for travel. It is quite evident that travel is an integral part of her lifestyle and the proof can be found in her numerous post on social media showing photos of her trips to different locations. Even though she is seen at many destinations, her travels are centered mainly in her hometown of Cracow, Poland. Her posts are a great way of showing her audience how fun and exciting it is to travel. Her travel segment is really a success. It has become so influential that she has even collaborated with other influencers to help them gain more traffic on their own social media platforms. Also, top lifestyle and travel brands have worked with Marzena by offering her endorsement deals with their companies which have helped them gain a larger audience and more potential customers. Of course, with a healthy and exciting lifestyle must come great and healthy food, and Marzena Bielarz is no stranger to this. Her platform often features posts about her food choices to maintain a healthy diet.