Many times is when you get yourself into trouble without your knowledge. Therefore, it is important to think carefully before altering any word or making any move against anyone since such carelessness might cost you a lot, especially when dealing with someone conversant with the law. Although the alterations or actions may not be severe, someone might have been waiting for such a chance to punish you. Many celebrities fall victims to such since they tend to have many people against their success; hence a slight mistake might turn to be their downfall.

Social medial influencer Kina Tavary, a thirty-year-old lady from New York City, has recently found herself in trouble. Kian Tavarozi, as she goes in her Instagram account, was accused by her baby daddy, Freddy Figueroa, a DJ by profession, to have gone after him while at East 29th Street and Madison Avenue in New York City on June 14, 2019. Freddy and Kian have given birth to a lovely son called Koa. Tavarozi’s fiancé forwarded her to authorities, and she was faced with different charges: misdemeanor, harassment, and aggravated harassment.

This came as a shock to Kina since she never thought that her closest person would be the cause of her downfall. This proves a saying that goes, “your closest friends are your biggest enemies,” and Tavary has experienced this bitter truth. One hour and a half after Freddy reported her to authorities, police came looking for her, and was put behind bars. As per the law, one remains innocent until proven guilty, and during this time, they have a right to be bailed out as they await to appear in court. Despite that, if the judge in charge of the case feels that you will interfere with investigations, you may be denied such a right. With all the influence Kina has, the judge in charge didn’t impose a bail that could grant her freedom as long as she paid a bond as would have been determined by the judge. This meant that this young mother would be remanded until investigations are over. As a mother of a small baby like Koa, this was the most traumatizing thing and could lead to depression, resulting in high blood pressure if you are not strong enough. On top of being denied bail, the court prohibited Kina and Freddy from having any form of communication. The two seemed comfortable since none of them applied for a restraining nor protection order.

Kina Tavary, the Las Vegas socialite and a make-up artist, is well informed and knew that any alterations during that period might cost her. She thus allowed her lawyer to take charge of everything. Due to her big name, she also had a very influential personal lawyer, Earl Ward. Earl ward is one of New York’s distinguished and most successful trial lawyer who has over twenty-five years of experience as a civil rights attorney and criminal defense. Ward claimed that his client’s allegations were too minor to attract charges of misdemeanor since she did not intentionally or recklessly harm Freddy. Although it is not yet clear why Kani did that to her boyfriend during their vacation with their son, it’s clear that it was not intentional. For the two other charges, if found guilty, she may be jailed for one year; but since it’s her first crime, chances are, she will be given three-year probation.