Many models who get into the industry start out when they are a teenager. Quite a few modeling agencies begin looking for new models who are very young and this gives them a steady stream of future prospects. Modeling agencies often scout for new talent and then once they recruit new people, they evaluate these recruits and decide who to provide work to. They are often looking for the next star model and therefore, very few models become very famous.

There are few models who become famous by age 20 and one of these models is Chloe Avenaim. Shortly after finishing her high school education, Chloe looked to pursue a career in modeling. Compared to other models, Chloe had a more assertive approach to getting started in her career. She forced her presence on modeling agencies to evaluate and recruit her. This has worked very well as Chloe has now become a top model in the world. She moved to Miami, Florida in order to get started in her modeling career. After posting photos of herself on social media, Chloe was immediately noticed by agencies who were interested in working with her.

When she first got into the modeling field, Chloe had the physical characteristics that lead to success. She has a sleek and slender physique which is ideal for many modeling shoots. With this physique she is able to look good in all types of clothing. Her appearance also allows her to capture her beauty with the trendiest new looks in the fashion industry. While she has a slim physique, she is quite tall as she is 6 feet in height. With her attractive appearance, Chloe has been involved in startup gigs in the modeling industry. She currently works for new agencies that are looking to get established in the modeling field. Most of the modeling agencies that she works with are based in Miami. As a model for these Miami based agencies, Chloe poses in shoots in a variety of different genres. One of the agencies she works with is New Management Group which has been the first agency to bring her to relevance in the fashion industry. She has also worked for other agencies such as The Face and Bellazon which are two of the top modeling agencies in the industry.

One of the genres that Chloe has been active with in the modeling industry is industry work. This has been a natural setting for her where she has been able to thrive. Chloe believes that this genre in the modeling industry will lead to steady work and future success. While she has been a successful model at a young age, she has also displayed talent in other things as well. She has been active in photography and design. These two skills have allowed her to expand her professional options. They have also allowed her to enhance the quality of her future modeling work. She has recently provided samples of her work in photography and design which have drawn interest from talent agencies in these fields. As soon as she began working in design and photography, Chloe posted her work in social media sites such as Instagram. With her new social media profile, Chloe has been able to amass over 100,000 followers. These followers have been very impressed with her work and have become quite interested in seeing more of her designs and photos.