Kasy Duarte is a new mother who has over 17,000 followers on Instagram and also has a successful modeling career in the niche of brand marketing. Throughout her career, she grew very fast and didn’t slow down for anyone. When she had her daughter she used this as motivation to work harder and gain more success rather than slowing down.

How did she come so far in her journey and not get distracted from her career since having a child? Let’s look at the journey of her career path, her tactics of creating success for herself, and how she has dealt with balancing her new role as a mother while still working on her career.

Kassy’s career path started out with her working in the beauty world. She began working for a nail salon and surrounded herself around other people that were in the industry that she loved. At this point in her life she chose what made her feel happy and fulfilled and began to chase it wherever it led her. After gathering some information and insight about the beauty world through the jobs that she worked at, she began sharing some of her own content on YouTube which started gaining her some traction online. She began sharing some beauty tutorials online that showed her talent and her personality. She also posted about cool new trends while always showing off her natural beauty in all of her videos. From here, she began modeling more and working with bigger brands which she began to be paid to represent. She slowly moved from posting her own content to solidifying her spot in the world of brand marketing. Her followers on her social media platforms now climb on an exponential basis, earning her more money, success, and recognition as she works in the field of beauty and brand advertisements.

Kassy Duarte has gotten to where she has today with hard work and consistency. To gain success in the industry that she is in, she had to put in hard work, make herself stand out from the crowd, and never get discouraged no matter what challenges she faced. One of the things that have helped her stay on track throughout her life is her family and friends. She says that her family and friends have been very supportive of her journey and proud of her accomplishments, which has helped her to stay focused and on the right track. She uses the power of social media to her advantage and through posting consistently overtime on multiple platforms she has gained a steady and supportive follower base.

All of her efforts have made her a success and she continues on her journey with a positive attitude. Becoming a mother hasn’t held back Kassy from continuing to live out her dream. Many people get slowed down by having a child, but Kassy has used this change in her life to push her forward and as motivation to work harder at everything she does.

It is amazing that she uses her daughter as inspiration to continue along her journey. Kassy continues to work hard every day by promoting herself through her social media channels, engaging with her fans, and sharing positive messages with the world. She is a beauty, hard worker, and inspiration to us all and we can all learn something from her!