Colleen Cole is a model who has managed to create a big name for herself in the modeling industry as well as on social media. She travels around the world, works out to maintain a fit body, and is involved in marketing various brands. She is highly sought after by companies that aim to make their brands known.

In the past, Colleen has worked with several companies. Among the first ones she joined the Sky Talent Management where she got her career’s breakthrough. While here, Cole took part in several kinds of shoots including bikini offsets, chic ideals, and fashion shoots.

While at Sky Talent, she was able to build her name in the modeling industry by doing an exemplary job. This got her noticed by others in the industry. Soon she joined the Wilhemina development strategy which is the largest she has ever taken part in. Here, she was able to do more than just model. She would choose the scenery and other design aspects of her individual shoots. Colleen has since been a part of several other modeling companies and taken part in different marketing strategies. She was once a part of the One Management Team and Next Models MIA.

In her line of work, Colleen Cole has been able to travel the world. She has been to several countries courtesy of the various agencies she has worked with. Her preferred travel destinations include many top international destinations. Cole began her career while living in Miami but later moved to Los Angeles where is currently based. She says that this is the place she sees herself living in the near future. Colleen Cole is on social media and is doing quite well on these platforms. Although she is on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, Instagram is where she has her biggest following. With over 250,000 followers, she has a big online presence. She interacts with her followers through posts that showcase her job and travels around the globe. This platform also showcases her to companies looking for famous names to endorse their products. She also adds in some posts about her personal life. With all these her fans always have something to look forward to.

Colleen manages her social media accounts personally and encourages interaction with her fans. She is really open and even has a weekly chat where she interacts with her fans. Her followers get to chat with her in real-time and ask any questions they may have. She also makes personal videos which she shares with her followers who can like and comment as they wish. Her fans love how personable she is and appreciate the attention she gives. She is very consistent with her content and this is probably why she has been able to create a big fan base.