Jade Marie is taking her career in modeling to another higher level. Working with some of the biggest companies in different industries has boosted her name to be among the best models. You can easily mistake her real account on social media because there are several with the same name, but her character and personality is behold a name. When looking for a brand representative, sometimes it can be challenging because you need to consider many factors. For example, you will need a person who can be easily associated with your products and the right numbers for your target group. On Instagram, Jade Marie has more than 600k followers where she actively interacts with her fans. In her career, she has worked with companies in beauty products, nightlife wear, casual wear, health and fitness, among others. At the beginning of her career, she started by working with Ryder Wear, which gave her a platform to grow her profile and be exposed to other markets. Jade markets the companyโ€™s cloth line on her Instagram page.

Jade is also working closely with hideAWAY, one of the leading companies in skincare products. Their products aim at nourishing and protecting your skin naturally. Most clients love to use naturally made products, and this is why the company is growing rapidly. To look good and live healthily, Jade has put strong measures to protect her figure. She has partnered with supplement companies to achieve her goal not forgetting eating healthy foods. She believes a Vegan diet is the best for anybody who wants to remain healthy. So, far the diet is working well for her. On her latest venture into entrepreneurship, she is closely working with professionals to develop natural products for all skin types. She believes that everybody should have access to natural, safe, and affordable skincare products. Although Jade to this kind of business, she is very optimistic that she will succeed. Marie is always passionate and hardworking in everything she does.

Apart from her modeling career, Jade is a loving and caring mother to her child. The child is her source of inspiration, the reason she works very hard. Marie intends to give her little one the best healthy lifestyle. Due to the nature of work, Jade has traveled worldwide and interacted with people from different backgrounds. On her Instagram page, she mostly posts modeling shorts from different parts of the world. From these posts, many people think she is a travel model. Jade is working with companies from various industries because she is highly talented, and she intends to outstand other models in the industry. Remember, through diversification, you can easily remain on top of your competitors.

Through her Instagram page, she has influenced thousands of people globally by involving them in rapid-fire questions. Jade Marie intends to continue creating long-term partnerships with companies in other industries. In her free time, she loves to cook delicious foods. Provided a recipe has nutritional and healthy value, Jade will always find some time to try it. Over the years, she has explored numerous dishes, both local and international. Apart from cooking loves to spend time with her child. She believes as much as we work hard in our jobs, we should always spare time for our loved ones. The bond between mother and child will only grow if enough time is allocated. Jade intends to do anything to make this happen.