It is always touching to hear about abandoned pets and homeless animals going to a new home. Many of these abandoned pets go to loving families who are eager to have a new animal in their home. However, some pets such as dogs are not always lucky. Quite a few of these pets are usually euthanized if they are not taken by a family. Recently there was a dog named Tiny Tim who was about the be euthanized. However, something changed for the better. He was eventually taken in by a family right before the holidays. This ended an ordeal for the dog who spent many years living on the street as an abandoned animal. Tiny Time was forced into homelessness after suffering a couple of serious injuries. After getting rescued, the dog believed that his life was going to end. However, an organization known as Sidewalk Specials changed this possible fate.

Sidewalk Specials recently shared its story on social media. In a video, the organization got over 200,000 views after announcing that it found the dog a new home. During the video, the organization showed the dog’s life before and after it was given a new home. The video showed the dog being picked up from the street as well as the one it suffered its injuries. Due to starvation and dehydration, the dog was very skinny and was barely able to even walk. Shortly after being picked up, the dog was taken to Vet Point to receive the medical care that it was in much need of. The dog was also given painkillers to help cope with the pain and discomfort that it was experiencing. While in foster care, the dog realized that not all humans are bad. With a second chance at his life, he proved that he still had plenty of life to share with others. The story of this dog being shared with the masses give hope that abandoned dogs can find a comfortable home despite being abandoned. At first, the story was not as well known until it went viral on the internet. Since going viral with the support of many supporters, Tiny Tim was able to receive plenty of donations from many people in order to save his life. This also helped restore his faith in humans as well. Today, Tiny Tim is living a great life after being homeless for many years. While his story was very inspiring, many other dogs are not as fortunate. There are many dogs that need to be euthanized in order to reduce the amount in shelters.

Euthanasia is the process in which an animal is humanely put do death. The term originates in Greece which means good death. This phrase means a death that is free of any pain and distress. In order to make the death of an animal more humane, veterinarians use help an animal undergo quick unconsciousness and then respiratory and cardiac arrest. As well as using this technique, a veterinarian also uses methods to help reduce stress and anxiety. They are often given a tranquilizer in order to calm down right before the procedure is completed. Using this technique allows the animal to be in a rested and peaceful state right before the procedure begins. Fortunately for Tiny Tim, he did not have to go through this process.