Most moms love to shop for their kids & cook for them but this ended up backfiring on one woman when she posted a picture of her shopping with her kid on FB. In Australia, 33-year-old Constance Hall just got back from a trip abroad which is why there was little to no food left in her fridge. So naturally, she opted to do a bit of shopping but as soon as she posted the pic on social media, the trolls began to eat her alive. Many of the eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help but notice that the cart was full of mostly junk food & they were quick to chastise her for feeding her baby unhealthy food. Even beyond this, some went on to criticize, saying the way she had placed all the food in the cart would lead to the bread having dents in it & it could possibly damage some of the other food as well. In an ironic twist of fate, Hall is an artist who has been an advocate of being less judgmental and kinder to mothers everywhere.

But she was quick to defend herself as she did mention that she was also buying a lot of vegetables and fruits such as potatoes, onions, garlic, oranges, and apples. She offered to post a picture of the receipt for those who did not believe her & also noted that she does typically buy her fruits & veggies separately from the rest of the food. This is why it might look have looked like she was only getting junk food when in fact this was not the case in the slightest. One of the things it is important to take note of is the fact that she does have four biological kids & two stepchildren which means she has nine mouths to feed in total in addition to her work. So it is more than likely that she may not have time to cook healthy meals every night. She paid more than $350 for groceries that day & was quick to clap back, saying that they had no right to judge her, especially on a page that is firmly against this type of criticism.

Some of them called her unorganized and tried to claim she was a bad mom but there were a lot of others who were quick to rush to her defense, saying that they should not judge a person like that until they have walked a mile in her shoes. She now lives in Perth with her big family and said she was just trying to share a tender moment between her and her son, not get ridiculed for the things she buys. The image was taken when she was in one of the frozen food aisles and has since gone viral throughout the nation. She also runs a blog about her lifestyle and the kinds of things she does to help keep the house running like a well-oiled machine. She has always been very truthful when she talks about her life with her family and how they manage to stay so close over the years. So she hopes that the next time she posts a picture like that, people will not be so quick to judge her and criticize her.