Shantal Monique was born and raised in Seattle. When she was younger, she faced a lot of criticisms when she started modeling. However, this was not a barrier to Shantal Monique as she continued to pursue what she desired the most. Shantal represents individuals who strive in their field of work to be successful no matter what other people throw at them. After completing high school, Shantal moved to Arizona. In this new location, she did not face any criticism about any condition. It hence gave her the more confidence that she needed to make significant strides in her career. Shantal Monique later gained recognition by magazines from the appearances she had made. It was one of the considerable successes in her career as it led to her being known more and appearing in the top magazine publications globally.

By working with a renowned publisher, Shantal Monique got more opportunities that led to her growing in the model field that she was unable to before due to the criticisms she faced along the way. Among the works that she featured while working for the company include its camera work and cyber work. Even with Shantal’s significant success in the industry, Shantal was still determined to continue her education. During this period, she enrolled at Arizona State University to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Science. She decided to pursue her degree as she wanted it to be an alternative plan when everything was not well in her career. Because of Shantal Monique’s excellent work in her photo shoots, many publishers showed the desire to work with her. It is through such engagements that she went for numerous photoshoots and saw her traverse, Los Angeles. During her travel to and from Los Angeles, Shantal bagged bikini shoots which continued to help her grow in the modeling field.

Shantal Monique is also present on the social media platforms such as Instagram, where she has 1 Million followers. She used the platform to showcase the work that she has done in the modeling field over the years. Her Instagram page features the travels she has made to white sandy beaches and the engagements she has had with different magazines. What is notable about Shantal Monique that pleases the fans is her zeal and commitment to her work, leading her to make significant in her modeling career. Shantal would also like to see her fans grow in whatever they are pursuing, and with this in mind, she provides her with inspirational thoughts to guide them. To ensure that she is productive, Shantal Monique makes a point of having live sessions with her Instagram fans once in a while. She then allows them to ask questions, to which she gives concrete explanations to satisfy them.

Shantal Monique continues to gain more followers each day as she is consistently active on her Instagram platform. Since her early years of service, Shantal showed resilience even when many people gave her the needed support. With the work ethic that Shantal Monique has, it is with no doubt that she will continue scaling up the modeling industry, which will see her be a global face and bag more opportunities. To top it off, she is consistent and determined with her work and thus gets the attention of more publications.