The life of a photo blogger can be exciting and lead to new platforms to enjoy or even entirely new careers as it did for Marta Mayer. Marta began spending time developing her passion for photography and love of micro blogging platforms as just a way to express herself. As she embraced the hobby more, she realized the potential to garner followers, influence, and gigs. Those around her encouraged her newfound hobby, but they were sure photo blogging could never lead to a career, especially not one in which she herself was the subject of her photography. The Russian photo blogger did just that though, defying the naysayers and launching a successful and busy career as a model all on her own.

Photo blogger Marta Mayer began sharing her photography via the popular social media platform Instagram. Through quality photos and content, consistency, and engaging with other users on the platform, Marta’s following quickly grew. As her followers increased, they are currently over 800,000 Instagram users following her account, she began to gain the attention of agencies and brands. Marta was being scouted and contacted through the blogging platform for influencer and ambassador opportunities on the platform, but also by traditional modeling scouts wanting to book her for opportunities off the platform. In the time that has passed since she first began blogging, Marta has gone on to build a career and establish herself as a full time model that travels the world for working.

Marta’s work has unintentionally given her the fringe benefit of being able to create more unique content for her followers all while doing what she would already being doing on a day to day basis. Marta is always on the hunt for interesting backdrops and places to stage her photography, and now that she travels the world she is able to add so many more international backgrounds into her photography. In addition to more locations being featured in her photography, Marta is able to promote herself and her career in order to further gain more interest for modeling contracts.

Blogging gives bloggers the opportunity to present themselves directly to the world in a way that best represents them, and this is a huge part of the reason why Marta has been so successful. While she may have started out with candid and styled shots of herself, her craft has grown incredibly and allowed her to branch into niche areas of modeling that are sometimes hard to break into. Currently, Marta is working on fashion shoots for individual brands, and has branched into lingerie modeling. By managing her own career, Marta is able to take advantage of any area of the modeling industry that she is interested in or proves to be more lucrative.